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TV Watch Dawg was born on a farm in central North Carolina about 9 B.C. (Before COVID) and then moved to live with his pet humans in a nice quiet neighborhood. He was satisfied being a stay-at-home canine, barking at UPS drivers and searching his home for stray pieces of human food, until 2020. The pandemic really impacted his life. His humans were very intrusive and on top of him 24/7, and he had no time to just be a dog. To cope, he began watching a lot of television, and began forming some strong opinions about TV series and movies. So, of course, he started a blog! He did not give himself the nickname, TV Watch Dawg. It was decided by his peers in a blog-naming contest. But he liked it and has kept the name ever since. He watches a lot of TV now, and even though his vet warns him about his excessive screen time, he now feels an obligation to his fans to provide this important service.

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