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Bare Bones:

An East German Security Service agent becomes lost and confused after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

1 Season

8 Episodes

Episode Length 44-56 min.

ABT (Approx. Binge Time) – 7 hours

Overall Thoughts:

Kleo is a spy mystery from the point-of-view of an East German special agent. Because the protagonist comes from a fascist state, you really have no idea where this one is going. If you are not German you may lose some cultural references, but the basics of good vs. evil still apply. Intense, exciting, and sometimes, uncomfortably violent. But most of the action is good spy-story fun.

What Makes This Show Special:

Totally unpredictable because we don't know which direction the moral compass will point at any moment.

Beware Of:

You don't get the bold pay-offs that a typical story will provide, but stay for the unique character development and the unexpected action scenes.

For Dawg Eyes Only:

Loud barks. Intense bites. And Tail-Wagging Fun.



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