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Bare Bones:

A teenager on the autistic spectrum, and his family, deal with the typical and not so typical challenges of their lives.

3 Seasons

28 Episodes

Episode Length 26 – 38 min.

ABT (Approx. Binge Time) – 14.6 hours

Overall Thoughts:

Atypical does not fit into the normal family sit-com category. (Most obvious, no family dog!) It is very funny, but does not needlessly exploit character flaws. It digs deep into the emotional hurdles that each member of the Gardner family faces, and how each of them and their friends provide varying levels of support. I enthusiastically laughed throughout each episode, while caring about ALL of the characters, and I wanted to binge quickly to learn what would happen to each. Each storyline drew me in convincingly.

What Makes This Show Special:

Atypical is one of the only sitcoms I have seen that truly develops each and every character. No nosy neighbors that have a one-dimensional personality. The two main characters (Sam and Casey) are teen siblings, yet we also delve deeply into the issues affecting their parents, friends and acquaintances. Each character is a true, multi-dimensional person whose decisions are intertwined with those of our main characters. Just like in normal human lives.

Beware Of:

I know some have criticized the show for not telling the entire story about people on the spectrum, but we can’t dog a great show in search of perfection. I certainly learned more about the diversity of personalities of people on the spectrum and I better understand some of the subtleties of autism that I did not recognize before.

For Dawg Eyes Only: You know how we compensate for poor vision by using our extraordinary sense of smell? In Atypical, humans recognize their characteristics that are less skilled and rely on their other skills to make up for it. Top Dawg!



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