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Bare Bones:

A young man's wife takes off soon after their wedding, with all of his money and a few secrets.

2 Seasons

20 Episodes

Episode Length 40 – 45 min.

ABT (Approx. Binge Time) – 14 hours

Overall Thoughts:

The tone of Imposters changes throughout the series, from quirky deception to emotional rejection to lighthearted self-inspection. As the characters constantly change in our perception and their inflection, throughout the series their behavior moves through a substantial correction. I won't call this plot movement perfection, but as a viewer I always felt a strong connection!

What Makes This Show Special:

With so many flaws and bad decisions among them, every Imposters character is so fun to watch as we unpeel the layers of their back story. And the wonderful cast gives a genuineness to each well-played character.

Beware Of:

Think you can figure out who's lying to who? My best advice is don't try to predict who is loyal and who is selfish. Just sit back and enjoy!

For Dawg Eyes Only:

I don't get it! I've never felt lied to by a human.



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