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Love and Anarchy

Bare Bones:

A mother balances challenging relationships at home and at work, while adding some exciting gameplay to spice things up.

1 Season

8 Episodes

Episode Length 25 – 33 min.

ABT (Approx. Binge Time) – 4 hours

Overall Thoughts:

Love and Anarchy is a fun story of mid-life examination and romance, with lovably flawed characters. The main character is trying to balance the monotony of career/parent responsibilities, with some childish, risky behavior thrown in, which she hopes won't stain her stable lifestyle. Can she have her cake and eat it too? Not so much.

What Makes This Show Special:

The characters go places you don't expect them to go, but they do so with a charming attraction rather than a crude jerkiness. Even though they do some stupid things, you appreciate their upbeat attitude.

Beware Of:

The main character, Sofie, is a wife and a mother, yet most of the time we spend with her is away from her family.

For Dawg Eyes Only:

OK, I understand the attraction of messing around in the bushes and getting a little dirty!



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