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Made For Love

Bare Bones:

A recluse tech-billionaire convinces a young woman to live with him at his hi-tech hideaway.

2 Seasons

16 Episodes

Episode Length 25 – 32 min.

ABT (Approx. Binge Time) – 8 hours

Overall Thoughts:

Made For Love packs a lot of issues into a short series: advanced technology limiting our exposure to our natural world; advanced technology overtaking our biological selves; dysfunctional family dynamics; controlling partners who affect our mental health; and, of course, the acceptance of relationships with non-human partners. Whew! Yet, all the chaos is entertaining and keeps you coming back to see where all of these story paths will end up.

What Makes This Show Special:

Terrific performances by Cristin Milioti and Ray Romano boost the appeal of this series. There's a lot of multi-dimensional acting to be done by the characters themselves within the story, nesting dolls of acting, so to speak.

Beware Of:

The constant change in settings can be exhausting, and sometimes confusing. Yet, it's a purposeful chaos to better illustrate to the viewer the frenzied thoughts swirling around in the brains of our Made For Love characters.

For Dawg Eyes Only:

Mammals talking to each other. Cool.



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