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Orange Is The New Black

Bare Bones:

A woman from a well-off family finds that her youthful whims have caught up with her, and she finds herself in prison.

7 Seasons

91 Episodes

Episode Length 50 – 90 min.

ABT (Approx. Binge Time) – 91 hours

Overall Thoughts:

Orange Is The New Black matures over the course of seven seasons, and you can sense changes in tone. Yet, it consistently delivers interesting characters who address life in prison in their own unique manner. Sometimes violent, sometimes sexy, sometimes sneaky and mischievous, OITNB is always striking the senses.

What Makes This Show Special:

A uniquely diverse set of characters, in terms of personality, demographics, and personal stories (i.e. crimes committed). You'll be surprised by how normal some of the characters are and by how extraordinary others are. As the OITNB episodes play out, we are exposed to each character's past and how their life led them to their current home.

Beware Of:

This show has 7 full seasons with episodes usually around one hour long, so before you get hooked, make sure you have scheduled time in your week to get through all 91 hours. If you're anxious to get though it, I suggest 6 hours a day for 15 straight days.

For Dawg Eyes Only:

I'm partial to the color orange, I wear it every day!



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