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Safety Not Guaranteed

Bare Bones:

A magazine editor researches a story about a prospective time traveler.

Running Time – 1 hr. 26 min.

Overall Thoughts:

If you are attracted to the unworn path, or to people who venture into doors that have never been opened, Safety Not Guaranteed is for you. A magazine crew investigating a silly classified ad for a time-traveling partner tries to find the hidden story, and finds the not-so-silly person who created the ad.

What Makes This Movie Special:

No question that Aubrey Plaza is one of the few actors who could play this role so well, as she presents that "smash the guitar" attitude, while she accidentally falls in love with someone who is on her same frequency.

Beware Of:

Safety Not Guaranteed is a movie that may leave you wondering what happens to the main characters going forward (or backward).

For Dawg Eyes Only:

Canines tend to prefer the more traveled route, more to sniff!



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