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Wonder Woman 1984

Bare Bones:

A powerful ancient artifact in the wrong hands leads Wonder Woman to try to subdue the chaos.

Running Time – 2 hr. 31 min.

Overall Thoughts:

Without much explanation for the bad guy's motives, Wonder Woman 1984 gets messy without a logical explanation for what's happening and for the ramifications if Wonder Woman does not come to the rescue in time. The "pull for the hero" energy did not come bursting out on this one, as it should for any great super-hero film.

What Makes This Movie Special:

Gal Gadot is so cool as archeologist Diana Prince, it makes us enjoy any time she is on screen. She comes across as a version of James Bond, with her levelheaded dialogue and effortless probe of how to save the world.

Beware Of:

Wonder Woman 1984 runs long, and if you haven't bought into the rationale behind the action, it feels way too long.

For Dawg Eyes Only:

Imagine if you could wish for anything! Would it be eating a steak with your head out the car window?



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